Superyacht Cakewalk Remains Up For Sale

Superyacht Cakewalk Remains Up For Sale

Merle Wood & Associates in conjunction with Burgess are managing the sale of the superyacht Cakewalk. Reports from May 2011 were that that Charles Gallagher was selling his megayacht Cakewalk.

The massive yacht, the largest luxury yacht built in the United States since 1930, is an impressive 281 feet. Apparently, the current asking price of the vessel is above $215 Million Dollars (U.S.).

See the listing from Burgess for Cakewalk:

When Charles Gallagher had Derecktor Shipyards build Cakewalk from 2007 t0 2010, it was then the 38th largest yacht in the world.

Gallagher, a private equity investor was quoted in the Denver Post as saying that “size was not his main concern and that there was no such thing as having the largest yacht in the world – but it is important to us to have built the finest quality yacht in the world – that is what I set out for.”



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