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Cummins Unveils Biggest Engine – Good News for the Marine Industry

Posted on: November 11th, 2011 by johnk No Comments
According to a news release from WorkBoat.com, Cummins has unveiled its newest engine. It is also the largest engine from Cummins. Named the Hedgehog, the engine (also called QSK95) is a new evolution of high-speed and high-power engines that Cummins envisions releasing to the market over the coming years. Per Tom Linebarger of Cummins, “this is the most powerful high-speed diesel ever made. We put everything we know into this engine.” That’s quite a statement! Here’s what to expect from the new engine:
  • High speed and high-power performanceCummins Hedgehog Engine
  • Deep structural strength
  • Ultra-low emissions standards
  • Increased Uptime and Serviceability
A full recap of the Hedgehog can be seen at WorkBoat.com here. You can read the official release from Cummins here. It’s well worth the read, showing many of the beneficial features of the new engine. And, you can see a video of the Hedgehog engine here. From our perspective, it’s great to see more options in the mid power range – quite useful for propulsion and auxiliary power. We feel that the more high-quality engines there are being supplied to the marine industry, the better it is for everyone. Competition equals better efficiency. It’s also good to read that Cummins was developing the engine with EPA Tier 4 in mind. The initial reports about emissions looks promising. It’s good to see real ‘green action’. What are your thoughts about the new Hedgehog?