Commercial Marine Activity To Pick Up In Gulf of Mexico

News from the recent Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME) annual meeting in Houston projects increased activity in the Gulf of Mexico over the next few years. As companies continue with greater efforts in oil and gas exploration in the Gulf, this could prove to be a boon for the commercial marine industry.

“This is encouraging news,” says Nick Boksa, President of Boksa Marine Design. “In fact, we’ve had some recent inquiries regarding designs for offshore supply and crew vessels. I expect some high speed supply vessels will be needed in order to get out to the rigs in deep water in shorter time.”

Numerous shipyards, designers, engineers and other commercial marine industry professionals have offices and facilities in the states bordering the Gulf of Mexico. Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida all depend heavily on commercial activity in the waters off their coasts. “It’s good to see things picking up in this sector and in these areas,” says Boksa.

For more information regarding SNAME, please visit their website.

For more information regarding commercial marine activity in the Gulf, visit’s analysis of the SNAME meeting and it’s outlook for increasing potential.


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