Q & A With Nick Boksa About What Drives Quality Yacht Design

Naval Architect Superyacht


In a recent Question and Answer session with Nick Boksa, naval architect and president of Boksa Marine Design, we asked what drives quality yacht design?

Nick’s answer:

“Quality design – quality work in general – is based upon a variety of things. At BMD, we focus on three guiding principles:


– We work to balance owner’s wishes with design excellence
– We create consultative and long-lasting relationships
– We operate our business with integrity and customer focus


Those may seem simple, but they work. Other things – like hiring good people, our wealth of industry experience, keeping current with engineering and design advancements, etc. all fall within these principles.


We approach every project with the ultimate goal of providing the highest quality work. Our clients carry great expectations and we work hard to fulfill those expectations.”

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