Boksa Marine Design – Designing Passenger Ferries To Havana, Cuba – Video

Video was released last week from coverage we’ve received regarding one of our latest projects. The Tampa Bay Business Journal ran a quick segment on Boksa Marine Design‘s involvement with CubaKat, a company offering ferry service from Florida to Cuba. We’re pleased to be designing the high speed ferries.


CubaKat has plans to begin service in 2013, operating between Marathon, Florida and Havana, Cuba.


Here’s the commentary from the video segment below:


“A new Tampa Bay Business Journal hits newsstands today and editor Alexis Muellner is here to talk about some of the week’s big stories.


Okay – and this is really exciting, a Tampa company is set up to head up a new design for ferry service between Florida and Cuba.


Well we’ve heard…in more recent times there has been more interest in…there is a back and forth between the U.S. and Cuba. There are still restrictions on that travel but a Tampa design firm called Boksa Marine is designing a catamaran and is involved with a couple of companies. It’s an 85′ foot catamaran that can hold a 150 people. It’s going to go from Marathon, Florida to Havana in 3 hours. There are a lot’s of things still to work out in terms of regulations, but it’s just a sign of the incredible interest in Havana….Cuba…and Tampa Bay have long-standing roots to Cuba and hopefully there are continued business opportunities for companies like this in town….a design firm trying to build a new catamaran.


Lot’s to watch for…and it’s going to be a hot area ahead…


Really exciting…” Design of Ferry to CubaCubaKat and Nick Boksa Design in the news from CubaKat on Vimeo.


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