Q & A with Nick Boksa about the 2012 Miami Boat Show

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Q & A with Nick Boksa about the 2012 Miami Boat Show

Were you at the recent Miami Boat Show?
“Yes, we were there. We had a lot of our close contacts we wanted to see personally – folks at Burger Boat, Pursuit Boats, Jupiter Yachts, Lazzara Yachts, Buddy Davis Yachts, etc.


It seemed to be a relaxed vibe this year. I think there is still an air of caution within the market. Attendance seemed down…the energy from past years was not the same. Coming off of a solid showing in Fort Lauderdale in the fall, I expected more. That being said, there have been a lot of positive signals within the industry too…orders picking up, new designs, an influx of foreign interest, etc.”


Where do you see some of that increased activity coming from?
“While I still think the worldwide market is in a recovery phase, interest from China and the Asian sector is quite active. Calls to our office from owners and representatives have been increasingly steadily. We also hear a lot from owners in the U.S. and Europe…I don’t think they’re too far behind either. I imagine the next 2 years will be exciting.


I’d love to see more orders coming through the U.S. based builders – Burger, Trinity, Delta and Christensen. It would certainly be good for those builders specifically, but better for the industry as a whole. As they say, a rising tide lifts all boats.”


What impressed you at the show?
“A few things. It was great to see so many North Carolina builders represented…Buddy Davis, OBX Boatworks and Spencer Yachts among others. They produce such great quality boats, especially the larger fishing boats that are now becoming even more luxury oriented. I feel an allegiance with the North Carolina boat builders since I use to live in Manteo, N.C. and worked for Buddy Davis in Wanchese.


Folks like Marlow with their larger Explorer Series yachts and Hinckley Yachts with their great work are indications that the market is still interested in yachts that are manageable. The owner can still play an active role in operating their boat…can still manage all aspects of it. While a touch smaller, these boats are easier to manage, more efficient and have an easier time finding berths in marinas around the world.”


See any trends coming out of the show?
“I think now provides a great opportunity to capture owners who are looking for multi-purpose, multi-functional boats…for cruising, for fishing, entertaining…and they look stylish all the while….


Also, owners are hyper-focused on quality. With this market, if owners are spending, they’re making sure that their yachts are designed and built using the highest standards. From a design and engineering perspective, that’s great! Theses boat are both an investment and a realization of a vision. Owners want a yacht that’s representative of their personal and professional achievements.”


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