Luxury Yachts Are A Perfect Blend Of Form And Function

Designing a luxury yacht requires a combination of skills – education, experience, good communication with the owner, creativity and a knack for finding solutions to problems.

Superyacht designerMost owners will seek out a yacht designer who has all of these skills. And perhaps most of all they will seek out a designer who understands the essence of what a yacht is – and what image a yacht should portray.

Cruising yachts, expedition yachts, superyachts and the like are beautiful machines. Like luxury cars, they’re beautiful on the outside and engineering marvels on the inside. They are a perfect blend of form and function, a powerful work of art that defines the vision of the owner.

When an owner and a designer conspire to build a yacht, there is an expectation that perfection will be achieved. The owner has a vision and the designer has the skill set to deliver on that vision. Like the boat itself, this working arrangement between owner and yacht designer is a blend of form and function.

The end result is a beautiful yacht.

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