Design And Engineering For Colombian 48 Foot Pilot Boat

design pilot boat

The naval architecture, design and engineering for a 48′ Pilot Boat has begun for a South American client.

Working with Tecnimar S.A. of Cartagena, Colombia, Boksa Marine Design will provide a suite of design and engineering services.

The pilot boat, designed to carry 18 Passengers with 2 crew, will be 48’ long (14.6 M) x 13.124’ wide (4.0 M). Power will be provided by twin Hamilton jets with Cummins Diesel engines.

“This is an exciting new project for us”, says Boksa Marine Design president, Nick Boksa. “We’re able to apply our expertise to the project so Tecnimar can have the boat they desire. We’ll provide everything, from initial design to mechanical and production engineering.”

Tecnimar S.A. provides marine related services for a variety of vessels at the Colombian ports of Cartagena and Tumaco.

Once Boska’s services are complete, the pilot boat will be built in the United States with Lobell’s Custom Boats in Prairieville, LA. Plans call for the engines and jets to be installed in Colombia.

Lobell’s Custom Boats manufactures a variety of custom aluminum boats, including transport vessels, utility boats, small barges and other work boats.

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