Providing Engineering Solutions For New Donjon Articulated Barge

Donjon Marine Co. christened a new articulated tug-barge unit this past week.

Donjon Marine Co. offers shipbuilding and repair services within the commercial marine industry and is recognized as a trusted and innovative industry leader.

Mechanical for Engineering Articulated Barge
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Boksa Marine Design provided mechanical engineering services on the barges systems along with some structural
engineering services. Stability work was also done on the articulated barge and its sister tugboat.

Boksa Marine offers a full suite of design and engineering solutions for its clients.

The barge, all 740 feet of it, is a 39,000 ton behemoth named Lakes Contender. This self-unloading barge is capable of unloading 6,000 tons of cargo per hour.

The barge and it’s sister tugboat, the Ken Boothe Sr. have been sold to Seajon LLC., a joint venture of Donjon Marine Co.

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