American Superyacht Forum 2012 – May 21 to 23

Of interest to many in the greater yachting industry, the American Superyacht Forum 2012 takes place soon in Fort Lauderdale, May 21-21.

What is the American Superyacht Forum?
This yearly conference is a forum for discussing the trends, developments and innovations that have – and will be – impacting the global yachting industry.
Per the Forum’s website,

“the conference will be the catalyst for groundbreaking discussion amongs the audience and speakers, with networking events acting as the perfect platform for the continuation of the debate. Featuring a review of the 2011 action plan, the inner workings of the American superyacht industry will be put under the microscope once more.”

What makes the Forum worthwhile to attendees – yacht designers, naval architects, marine engineers?
The value of the forum is the ability to listen to a wide array of respected players within the industry. Their insights seek to educate and motivate. Attendees should be able to take what they learn and apply it within their respective niches of the market.

Click here to see a lineup of speakers.

Attendees are also made aware of updates on new products and innovations affecting the industry.

Click here for news and updates.

And click here for a full list of events at the 2012 American Superyacht Forum.

Here is a video detailing the 2011 event:

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