New Superyacht Owners? Facebook IPO Launches 7 New Billionaires

There are some new potential superyacht owners – seven newly minted billionaires from last week’s Facebook IPO.

That’s possibly good news for designers and builders of luxury, custom designed yachts. While there is no indication that yachts are on the horizon for these Facebook billionaires, and the many other multi-millionaires as well, it still represents a potential new market for the superyacht industry.

We came across this in-depth Facebook article from that details the monetary motivation behind these potential superyacht owners.

A quote from the article, “Amidst global economic turmoil, an industry founded upon the existence of ultra-high net-worth individuals (UHNWIs), will be thrilled at the news of seven existing Facebook billionaires adding to their funds.”

Will New Facebook Billionaires Purchase Superyachts
Will New Facebook Billionaires Purchase Superyachts?

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