Boksa Marine Design Upgrades ShipConstructor Software

Boksa Marine Design is currently in the process of upgrading their ShipConstructor Software to SC 2013.

“Our goal with this update is to continue providing the quality of architectural and design services that our clients have come to expect. We carry a commitment to staying completely up to date in all areas of production engineering. Our clients rely on us; the benefits of ShipConstructor is certainly beneficial to their projects,” says Boksa Marine Design president Nick Boksa.


ShipConstructor is an AutoCAD based shipbuilding CAD/CAM software suite that provides detail design and modeling tools for production engineering of marine structures. ShipConstructor captures all information relevant to the 3D design, manufacturing, maintenance, repair and refit of complex marine projects inside of a Marine Information Model (MIM). At the heart of the model is a single relational database residing on a Microsoft SQL Server that can be integrated with related business processes and applications. ShipConstructor’s unique software architecture and AutoCAD foundation provide significant competitive advantages.


Learn more about ShipConstructor here:

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