Florida Boat Builders Doing Well

Good news for marine service companies in Florida.

According to a June 4 article in the Tampa Bay Business Journal, Florida’s boat-builders are doing well.

Per the article…

“The boat industry in Southwest Florida is beginning to see growth after being slowed during the economic downturn. Across the U.S., boat sales rose by 6 percent last year to $32.3 billion, marking the first rise since 2006…”

Local builders were also covered in a Bradenton Herald article –Manatee Florida marine industry back to building boats.

That’s good news as marine service companies – builders, suppliers, etc. are the backbone of the economy in many smaller coastal towns.

As a Florida based naval architecture firm, we’re certainly attuned to the market and are reliant on the ebbs and flow of the local economy. Although we work with clients all around the world, we still root for the home based boat builders.

Hann Powerboats, a builder of military-styled boats referenced in the article, is one of our clients. We’ve worked with them for years on the design on various vessels. Kudos to them for their ongoing success.

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