Boksa Marine Design Quoted In Maritime Executive

Boksa Marine Design was recently quoted in the Maritime Executive article, Wanted: Naval Architects

The story revolved around the continuing vitality within the industry and quoted various industry insiders who gave their insight into the opportunities for architects and engineers.

Following is the feature on Boksa Marine Design…

At Boksa Marine Design in Tampa, FL, operations turned a corner early last year. The recession hit the naval architecture firm specializing in custom yacht and commercial marine design late because some of its projects had started before the economic downturn. The slowdown caught up with the company briefly, but by the end of 2010 phone calls and contracts started coming in and last year hiring calls went out. “The end of last year was gangbusters,” said Nick Boksa, President and a naval architect. “There was a slight slowdown after the holidays, but it picked right back up from where it left off.” He senses economic optimism across every industry, especially the offshore business: “I hear the Gulf shipyards talking, a lot of chatter. They’re getting busy.”

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