Re-sales drive Christensen orders on superyachts; good news for U.S. builders

In recent news from, Christensen’s share of U.S. order book has risen to almost a third of all superyacht builds under contract.

— Christensen has confirmed the sale of yet another Custom 50M Series new build project. The superyacht, known as Project 2GES, is due for delivery to its owner in January 2016.

The new contract is the 10th superyacht in the Christensen order book, comprising almost a third of the total orders – 34 – in all of America’s shipyards, according to data extracted from The Superyacht Annual Report.

Despite its rich yachtbuilding pedigree America’s share of the order book has now fallen to 8 per cent, but Christensen is currently outperforming its compatriots. Why? Speaking to, the yard’s president Joe Foggia attributes this to a combination of client retention and residual value. “We consistently have the highest re-sales in the market”, he said. “The 2007 Scott Free and the 2009 VF-15 selling in the last couple of months to their third owners for mid-20 million dollars proves that.” — see full article at

This seems to be good news for the American yacht building industry – the efforts and success of individual builders along with satisfied owners will help push the industry forward and perhaps be more engaging for potential new yacht buyers.


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