Satu 90’ illustrates how owner requirements shape new boat designs


The new Satu 90’ superyacht sportfish illustrates just how much owner desires and requirements are shaping the direction of new boat designs.

Check out the 90’ superyacht sportfish from Satu Marine here.

Owner satisfaction

Satisfying the needs of owners, especially those owners paying for costly, custom built luxury yachts has always been the standard. Now, many owners are looking to combine both luxury and high performance – all in one boat.

There are certain owners who want the best of both worlds – a cruising vessel for absolute luxury – great for impressing crowds when pulling into marinas and entertaining friends. Now these owners want a high performance vessel that can power up, chase trophy fish and operate like a smaller boat.

We’ve seen this trend developing over the last few years – illustrated not only by the recent Satu 90’ but also with longer, larger and very well-appointed Viking Yachts and other high end sportfishing boats that easily could be considered luxury yachts.

satu 90'

A new niche

Custom built yachts in the 80’ – 120’ represent a new niche. The boats are essentially too large for current production model manufacturing – boats at this size generally outpace owner financing and the market is fractional.

Boats above 110’ – 120’ generally are built by owners focused more on long distance cruising and luxury.

That 40’ sweetspot (between 80′ and 120′) still allows for custom building without the overwhelming cost of a larger boat (though something like the Satu 90′ or the 82′ and 92′ Vikings will still require a large, multi-million dollar investment).

Stepping up in style

These 80’, 90’ and 100’+ vessels are that “step up” level that owners graduate to once they’ve outgrown their 50’, 60’ and 70’+ models. These boats are either a bridge to another, future superyacht (120′ or more) or they’re the perfect trophy boat that will be guaranteed to turn heads in high-end marinas or the local fishing tournament.

This is similar to how expedition yachts are viewed – a boat that is built for performance, adventure-seeking, specialized cruising and research – but still maintains many of the luxuries wealthy owners have come to expect.

Owners want what they want, and as designers and architects, our goal is design the boat to the expectations of the client. It’s great to see a boat like the Satu 90′ leading the way!

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