Utility boats play key role in getting Carnival Triumph back to port


Utility boats, used by U.S. Coast Guard, other security agencies and private firms have played a role in guiding the Carnival Triumph cruise ship back to port in Mobile, Alabama.


The cruise ship had an engine fire on Sunday, Feb 10 while in the Gulf of Mexico. The fire disabled the engines, leaving the boat adrift – utility boats and tug boats have worked to navigate the Carnival Triumph back to port. More than 3,000 passengers and 1,000 crew members have spent the last few days in discomfort as they’ve been slowly dragged home.


Knowing how well built and designed these utility boats and work boats are, it has been interesting to watch them in action, efficiently handling the challenges laid out before them. Our firm has designed and engineered many utility boats for law enforcement, security and military use. The designs requirements of these boats are based on events and circumstances just like this incident with the Carnival cruise ship – real people face real challenges in many types of working conditions and they rely on performance oriented boats to get the job done.


Here are some images of these boats at work:





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