Group to develop electrolysis-type ballast water management system


Another innovate engineering solution for the treatment of ballast water systems is one that involves electrolysis.


A joint development of efforts between Daiki Ataka Engineering, Sumitomo Electric Industries, and Hitachi Zosen Corporation is evolving into a new solution that may impact the industry as soon as 2014.

Ballast Water Engineer for Retrofitting Vessels


An agreement has been reached between Daiki Ataka Engineering, Sumitomo Electric Industries, and Hitachi Zosen Corporation to establish a technical research cooperative for joint development of an electrolysis type Ballast Water Management System.

Sumitomo Electric has successfully developed high-performance filtration technology for removal of plankton and other micro-organisms from seawater. The technology features in an ultraviolet sterilization Ballast Water Management System called Ecomarine, which has been undergoing full-scale trial tests since April 2012 ahead of the final approval application.

Daiki Ataka Engineering, which boasts extensive experience in seawater electrolysis technology and holds a large slice of the global market in this business field, is also in the process of developing a Ballast Water Management System.


Hitachi Zosen, meanwhile, has extensive experience and expertise in the maritime business as well as in shipbuilding and marine diesel engines.


The three companies plan to make a business alliance bringing together their respective areas of expertise – filtration technology from Sumitomo Electric, electrolysis systems from Daiki Ataka Engineering and ship design and retrofit engineering from Hitachi Zosen – to develop a compact, high-performance Ballast Water Management System with lower electric power consumption and minimal environmental impact.


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