Helping commercial vessel operators with Ballast Water Treatment retro-fitting

United States Coast Guard and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations now require all marine vessels discharging ballast water to comply with approved ballast water treatments systems.

Find more information here at the United States Coast Guard website:

As vessel owners and operators look to meet the required guidelines, they will need an engineering partner to help design and develop a solution for their specific vessel or fleet of vessels.

Boksa Marine Design can manage:

  • The engineering and design of  ballast water management systems (BWMS)
  • Development of new systems
  • Refitting or retro-fitting of existing systems


Our firm can manage these projects for all commercial vessels, military and government vessels and larger luxury and performance yachts.


Additionally, Boksa Marine Design can provide the following services:

  • Consult and advise on ballast water system retrofit needs
  • Develop engineering plans
  • Have those plans approved
  • Guide the purchase of technology / systems
  • Work with the installation team to finalize the project


To speak with Nick Boksa of Boksa Marine Design about specific questions you may have concerning BWTS, please call (813) 654-9800. Boksa Marine Design is located near Tampa, Florida and provides engineering and naval architecture services to client within the United States as well as around the world.


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