Insight into the American yacht building future – Q & A with Nick Boksa

Ahead of the 2013 American Superyacht Forum in Las Vegas next week, Nick Boksa, president of Boksa Marine Design addresses some of the main themes of the conference, in a short Q & A (below the image which shows the United States ranking 4th among the yacht builder nations behind Italy, the Netherlands and Turkey.

Does the U.S. need an influx of new build & refit activity – and why is that important?
“The U.S. has always been a leader in the yacht industry and not too long ago we were leading in new construction orders. U.S. builders rank high among the world’s best builders, some with a long history dating back to the 1800’s. 

The past few years have seen a severe decline in activity here putting many of the builders and support industry at risk of closing for good. The world would lose a rich resource for knowledge and experience if this happened.”

Is it up to the industry, collectively, to develop a strategy for the future and focus on building market stability for the major shipyards within the U.S.
“Absolutely. There has been a trend to use the European designers and other equipment vendors leaving the U.S. vendors vulnerable. We all have a vested interest and need to band together to keep our industry strong.” 

What can designers do to help stimulate the market – what can the yards do?
“We need to continue to be innovative, not only in design but also in construction methods, cost structures, customer service and after market support and service.” 

Can American designers satisfy the wants and requirements of worldwide clients?
“I certainly believe so. We have been a key part of this industry for decades and will continue to be so. Creativity, technology and innovation will be important in order to stay at the forefront of the worldwide yachting market.
What specific yacht projects has your firm been involved with over the last year?
“We have developed several “expedition” style concepts in order to provide owner’s with actual ocean going capability to explore different corners of our oceans. Our experience in both the yacht and commercial marine markets gives us a unique combination of talents to draw from for these types of vessels. 

We have also been supporting several U.S. builders as an extension to their existing in-house design and engineering teams.

Many of the yards have “downsized” as a result of the slow market and are finding themselves in need of various skill sets to support their marketing and construction efforts.”

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