Megayachts – size matters, but the yachts are well designed

In a recent Fox News article titled Size Does Matter In The Battle Of The Megayacht, the perspective of the article is that yachts of the mega rich are supersized simply for the sake of size and pomposity and that ‘bigger is better’ – a sort of yacht building arms race to see which multi-billionaire can build the longest, most extravagant prize.


custom yacht design


Does Size Matter?

And while there may be some truth to that, the reality is that the owners of these massive, custom designed superyachts are building vessels that more like ships than they are romantic sailing yachts of past generations. They build them larger and larger because they can. The engineering and design of today’s boats is far more advanced than it once was.

Engineering and Naval Architecture Dictate Size

These advancements in engineering, in naval architecture, in computer technology and advanced analytics offer today’s owners the ability to stretch the size of yachts and ‘add-on’ luxury items that can sometimes boggle the mind. And it certainly makes for great reads in news publications! As designers of yachts and other vessels ourselves, we enjoy seeing the beauty of these superyachts.

The ability of builders and designers to accommodate the requests of owners has expanded. And this ability to custom tailor or custom design a superyacht to the exacting demands and requirements of ownership is what will also allow the marketplace – the yacht industry and all its various components, to thrive.


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