Inside Look on How Natural Gas Will Impact Merchant Shipping

We came across an interesting article on how the merchant shipping industry will be impacted by natural gas solutions.

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As reported at, “Wärtsilä, Helsinki-based marine solutions and services provider, has successfully conducted full scale testing on gas of its low-speed 2-stroke dual-fuel engine and is now introducing a full new range of engines based on its established and well-proven low pressure technology.

The company says the engine is already being referred to as a game-changer for merchant shipping.”

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“The application of natural gas as a widely accepted fuel for merchant shipping is likely to become a reality in the near future. The environmental benefits and attractive pricing that gas offers are expected to drive demand, with a resulting increase in market share for gas fuel.

By introducing low pressure 2-stroke DF engine technology, Wärtsilä is accelerating this major trend since it makes the application of gas as a marine fuel easier and safer for owners, operators and yards. Wärtsilä envisages that by 2020, more than a quarter of the ordered vessels could be designed to run on gas fuel.”

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