Design Criteria of Recent 60′ South Pass MotorYacht

Boksa Marine Design’s latest custom yacht design is now in final review with the owner (Jan. 2014). Design plans for the 60′ South Pass motoryacht will soon be presented to builders in the U.S., with a decision to be made within the next few months (Spring 2014).

After two years of exhaustive search for an existing yacht to fit his desired requirements, our client turned to us to craft a new, fully customized motoryacht with long range capabilities. The owner’s past history of expeditionary cruising was a driving force with this design. The client and his family, who are experienced sailors and are very familiar with long-range cruising on power boats, were looking to create a yacht design that would meet their needs for future expeditions.

Some of the design criteria for this yacht include:

• yacht capable of blue-water passage for two crew

• easy maintenance by owner in any part of the world

• cruising range greater than 3,000 nautical miles

At a certain point, many owners determine that ‘off the shelf’ designs don’t quite satisfy their full range of needs and wants. It’s at this stage that owners begin to draw from their experience and outline what their vision of the perfect yacht will look like and how it will be designed.



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