5 Quick Tips for Getting The Most Out Of This Year’s Miami Boat Show…

Even though we’ve been attending the Miami Boat Show for the last 15+ years, we still enjoy walking the docks and meeting friends, clients and vendors. And whether you’re new to the Miami Show or you’re a salty old dog like us, here are some tips that might make the show a little more enjoyable this year. Enjoy the show!


1 – Make Transportation Plans

While most things don’t change from year to year, it’s important to make a plan for parking and transportation, both too and from your hotel, as well as the marinas and convention center. Also, taking the Water Taxi services is enjoyable. It’s always great to be on the water when at the boat show, especially this year as the weather looks great.

2 – Map out a Plan for the Day

With so much going on, the day can pass quickly. Expect to be engaged in conversation, so give yourself time to talk to vendors, contacts and friends. You may want to prioritize which vendors or boats you want to see and hit those first. Also, making appointments ahead of time is always a good decision. Here is a link to the boat show website.

3 – The First Two Days are Key

Those of us in the industry know that Thursday and Friday mornings are generally the best to ‘talk shop’ – beginning Friday afternoon and through the remainder of the weekend the show gets busier and it’s harder to have business focused conversations.

4 – Talk About What’s New

People are always excited to talk about new products, services and projects – or what’s on the horizon. It’s a great way to open a conversation, especially if you’re meeting someone for the first time.

5 – Watch the Boats!

If you’re able to get to the show early (before Thursday) or stay later (after Monday), it really is amazing to watch the procession of boats entering or exiting the slips. Berthing so many vessels in such a short period is an engineering feat unto itself (especially the larger yachts).

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