Providing Electrical Design Support on Building of 40′ Catamaran

Appreciate the mention in the Our Fusion 40 Adventure Blog – we’ve been helping with Electrical Design Support on the 40′ Fusion Catamaran.

From a recent blog post….

One of the next big projects will be wiring the boat, and with our combination of Mastervolt C-Zone units (kind of like electrical routers, for my networking friends) and lithium batteries, we felt investing in a professional electrical design team would be money well spent to have the electrical/electronic system function as it should.  We have engaged Boksa Marine for this effort, and although XYZZY is probably the smallest “yacht” they’ve ever worked on, we are really impressed with the level of professionalism and attention to detail they bring to the table.  Since we have both a DC system and an AC system, we had to supply lists of equipment and placement for both, and then let Mr. Thomas Boschart work his magic to produce wiring diagrams and load analyses for us.  We have something close to 700 wire leads between the two systems! Once the theoretical design is complete, then of course the challenge will be to install it as per the drawings! And hope the lights turn on.

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Link to Fusion Catamarans Website.

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