Design of a 50’x18’ Loading Barge for a Chicago Sightseeing Tour Boat Company

naval architects design loading barge for chicago illinois sightseeing company
Take a river sightseeing tour the next time you’re in Chicago!

Seeing Chicago…from a different view

One of the things we thoroughly enjoy as naval architects is getting the opportunity to work with companies like Shoreline Sightseeing in Chicago, Illinois.

Shoreline Sightseeing offers a variety of river and lake tours — architecture tours, fireworks tours, school tours, and much more.

Taking a tour with them on Lake Michigan or the Chicago River is a ‘must-see’ when visiting the Chicagoland area.

Design of the 50’x18’ loading barge

Boksa Marine Design was approached after the 2015 Workboat Show in New Orleans to design a loading barge to help with the embarking process of moving passengers from the pier to the Shoreline Sightseeing tour boats. The company needed a solution that would be efficient and safe.

Images of the Loading Barge for Shoreline Sightseeing Tours in Chicago

The loading barge was recently launched at TPG Chicago Dry Dock, LLC.