Choosing a Builder for Your Custom Yacht Design?

For many owners, designing and building a custom yacht is the realization of a dream. It’s their opportunity create a boat that meets all of their needs and wants. And because of this, we find that most owners are deeply connected throughout the process.

Download the PDF document here: Choosing a Builder for Your Custom Yacht PDF

Once you have determined that you want to build a custom designed yacht, one of the most important decisions you will make is choosing which shipyard will build your yacht. Building a yacht is often a complex, long-term project as well as a major financial investment. web inset

Because of this, you will want to view your builder as a partner, one who is equally invested in helping you meet all of your requirements while also fulfilling the expectations you have.

As naval architects and engineers who have worked very closely with both owners and shipyards for nearly two decades, we’ve come to understand there are many factors involved and many thoughts to consider when selecting a builder for custom yacht projects.

When evaluating a builder, you will want to consider:

  • Viability of the Shipyard
  • Quality verses Value
  • Relationship and Customer Experience
  • Organization of the Shipyard
  • Branding and Pedigree
  • Craftsmanship
  • Location of the Builder
  • Experience with the Type of Yacht You’re Building
  • Green Technology
  • Building Processes

While not a complete guide, the following information on this PDF will be helpful to you as you compare and consider different builders for your project.

Download the PDF document here: Choosing a Builder for Your Custom Yacht PDF

Additionally, your broker, designer or owner’s representative should also be able to provide insight based on their experiences and familiarity with potential builders  Nick Boksa, Boksa Marine Design