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Commercial Vessels

With an extensive background in back room engineering, Boksa Marine Design has quickly become a commercial marine design industry leader.  

BMD Provides Cost Effective Marine Solutions

Workboat Marine Design and EngineeringOur commercial clients are demanding. They expect hardworking vessels that are durable, reliable and built to last. At BMD, the designs we create are solutions to challenges faced by real people in real working conditions. We fully understand the impact design and engineering play in determining a vessel’s cost and performance. BMD will manage the design of both new and existing vessels, including vessel modification and refitting solutions. Whether you’re a commercial vessel operator, shipyard or port engineer, we can help you with your design and engineering needs.  

We Offer Solution-Based Designs for:

  • Trawlers
  • Tugboats
  • Ferries
  • Support Vessels
  • Research Vessels
  • Government Vessels
  • Touring Boats
  • Barges (Tank, Dock and Bulk)

Our Engineering Services Include:

  • Lofting and Nesting
  • Project Management
  • Naval Architecture
  • Capacity Plans
  • Computer Loading Programs
  • Inclining
  • Loading Manuals
  • Stability Analysis
  • Environmental Best Practices
  • Being An Extension Of Your Staff

BMD has Operational Experience with Commercial Vessels

We know what it takes to design a commercial vessel. We also know what it takes to operate and maintain these vessels. Nick Boksa is a licensed USCG Third Assistant Engineer and has worked in port and at sea managing vessel maintenance for various container ships and tankers. He was both a shipyard superintendent and fleet naval architect for ATB tug boats, tank barges and tank ships. Boksa also held numerous design manager positions for refit, retrofit and new construction projects for tug boats and tank barges. Our hands on experience working on commercial vessels and at shipyards allow us to see the design from the customer’s perspective.

Our Commercial Designs are Proven to:

  • Easily go from initial design to final build
  • Allow for budget maintenance
  • Provide practical performance
  • Meet marine safety standards and regulatory requirements
  • Meet classification society rules

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