Current Projects

For more information regarding these current projects or for all other inquiries, please contact Nick Boksa at 813-654-9800.


Boksa Signed for 2nd Pilot Boat with Tecnimar S.A. of Colombia…

After a year of ‘in water usage‘ and pilot input, Boksa Marine Design was asked to design a second pilot boat with modifications based on operational preferences. Design and the aluminum structure will be completed in the U.S. then shipped to Colombia for mechanical and electrical outfitting.naval architect pilot boat design

“I was fortunate to make the trip to Colombia recently and was able to participate in sea trials in the waters around Cove├▒as, the home port of the pilot boat.

The customer was happy with the vessel as it met expectations and ultimately influenced the decision to add a second boat to Tecnimar’s growing fleet,” said Nick Boksa of the project. View more images of the pilot boat here.


Another Colombian Client Turns to Boksa for Design of 42′ Day Cruiser…

42′ Cuddy Cruiser is complete. Parts have been cut for the hull and deck plugs and will be shipped to Colombia for construction.

Boksa Marine Design handled the full design of this line extension (there are currently 38′ and 38′ options). Primarily used for day cruising and entertainment purposes, the 42′ was designed to provide customers with comfort, extra seating and storage. View more images of the 42′ day cruiser here.


New Pilot Boat for North River Boats in the Works…

Boksa Marine Design, who provided design and production support to Almar, North River Boats for their 52′ jet-powered aluminum crewboat, is currently modifying the crewboat design to create a new pilot boat. View more images here.


115′ Weatherbird II Undergoes Repower…

Weatherbird II, Florida Institute of Oceanography Research VesselWorking with the University of South Florida (USF) and the Florida Institute of Oceanography (FIO), Boksa Marine Design provided systems and mechanical engineering work for the boat’s engine upgrade.

Work will be done at International Ship Repair and Marine Services in Tampa.

The Weatherbird II is a research vessel and has been the flagship of the Florida Institute of Oceanography since 2009.


Fusion 40′ Sailboat Catamaran…

Boksa Marine Design provided full electrical design for the Fusion 40′ a catamaran cruising sailboat being built by Mondo Boats of Sarasota, Florida.


Work Nears Completion on Toro 46′ Sportfish…

Structural, architectural and mechanical work has been completed on the Toro 46′, a sportfish yacht for the Chinese market.

Work is nearly complete for the deck mold modeling of the 46′. This is the sister ship of the Toro 57′ also designed by Boksa Marine Design. View more images here.