Custom Yacht Design


A Custom Yacht…is a Dream Realized

Regardless of whether you are an experienced yacht owner or a first time builder, the delivery of your custom designed yacht is a defining moment – symbolic of hard work and determination – a culmination of effort and vision.

May 2015: View the latest images from the construction progress of the South Pass 60′, a long range motoryacht custom designed by Boksa Marine Design.

At Boksa Marine Design, We Bring Your Vision of the Perfect Yacht to the Water.

We specialize in custom yacht design for individual owners and boat builders. It is our core focus is to work directly with you to conceive, design and build the yacht of your dreams.

Custom yacht design requires a level of intimacy between owner and designer as the initial design process is a dialogue, a series of important questions where we begin to better understand the wants and requirements of your vessel so that what you envision can be created.

Once the preliminary design process is complete, we can help you select the appropriate builder that best matches the preliminary requirements of the design. We can also work with any builder you may have already chosen.

As the building of your yacht progresses, Boksa Marine Design will help manage the project through to completion to ensure that vessel mission is maintained and that any refinements are handled accordingly.

Why You Should Consider a Custom Designed Yacht:

  • Existing yachts do not meet your wants and requirements
  • Production yachts do not offer the combination of features you desire
  • You enjoy the close involvement inherent in the design and build process
  • You are seeking a long-term investment
  • You have developed a close working relationship with a designer or builder

For more information regarding Custom Yacht Design Solutions or for all other inquiries, please contact Boksa Marine Design at 813-654-9800.