Expedition Yachts

Whether you intend to explore protected waters or plan to confront the demanding conditions of long range voyages,

Boksa Marine Design can craft a robust vessel intended for your needed purposes.


Yachts Designed for Adventure and Exploration

Our designs incorporate the spirit of adventure and excitement that come from exploring remote corners of the world.

We design durable and reliable expedition yachts capable of operating in protected and semi-protected water as well as the on the open ocean.

These vessels are designed to tackle extreme conditions, challenging seas, cold weather, ice, rocky coastlines, and other challenges you might envision. They are also built to allow you to enjoy more pleasurable pursuits while on the water including offshore diving, deep sea fishing, carrying watercraft toys and transporting supplies.

Boksa Marine Design Can Design and Engineer:Design and Engineering Expedition Yachts

  • Expedition Yachts
  • Explorer Yachts
  • Long Range Trawlers
  • Research Vessels
  • Sport Fishing Boats
  • Shadow Boats
  • Refits of Existing Vessels


Yachts Designed for Comfort and Luxury

While expedition yachts are considered working boats,
these vessels can also be designed to accommodate all of the luxuries expected of a high-end, custom yacht.

We understand that exploration vessels are needed to serve dual purposes of adventure and pleasure.

Many of our customers use their vessels for sightseeing, cruising, sunbathing and entertaining. An expedition yacht should be able to balance a robust nature with pleasure and elegance.

Naval Architecture and Engineering Expedition Yacht Shadow Boats

Built with Years of Experience

The engineers at Boksa Marine Design have personally operated, maintained and designed a variety of pleasure yachts and commercial vessels.

When crafting an expedition yacht, we combine elements of commercial design with the elegance of yacht design.

We take pride in the fact that we are able to apply our years of hands on experience to create the right yacht for you.

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