Military and Government

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Design Solutions for Military and Government Clients

Boksa Marine Design provides high quality designs and production engineering services for military vessels.

A Trusted Partner

BMD is a trusted partner of governmental agencies, defense contractors and military organizations.

We provide support to builders and shipyards, often acting as an extension of their design and engineering departments. As a preferred vendor, we understand the nuances involved in managing military and defense projects and use that specific experience to optimize the processes involved.

Our clients expect robust designs that can handle the demanding job of protecting coastlines, ports and territorial waters. Our vessels are built for speed, performance and all types of weather conditions. As vessel mission is a key consideration for our military projects, we focus on providing engineering and operational efficiency, offering design improvements and budget maintenance during the life of the project.

Our Government and Military Designs Include:

  • Patrol Boats
  • Police Boats
  • Fire & Rescue Boats
  • Coast Guard Vessels
  • Transport Vessels
  • Navy Vessels
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  • Vessels built for both U.S. and Foreign Governments

For more information regarding Law Enforcement, Military and Government projects or for all other inquiries, please contact Boksa Marine Design at 813-654-9800.