Naval Architecture

Our Clients Drive the Design Process

At Boksa Marine Design our goal is to help you articulate your vision, outline your requirements and then to bring that vision to the water.

Whether you are seeking to custom build a 200 foot superyacht, refit an existing vessel, or design a workhorse commercial ship, we can help you navigate the design and build process.

Learn More About Our Design Projects

— Design of a 50’x18’ loading barge for a Chicago sightseeing and tour boat company
— Design and engineering of 78′ Florida Institute of Oceanography research vessel

BMD Approaches Every Design with an Established Procedure

Each project begins with the vessel mission where we work closely with you to fully understand all of the requirements and criteria that you wish to have incorporated on your vessel. As the vessel mission is established and the conceptual design phase begins, we begin to craft a visual representation of how the vessel would look.

The Conceptual Design Process Includes:

  • Exterior Styling
  • Interior Arrangements
  • Space Planning
  • Mechanical Systems
  • Vessel Performance Calculations
  • Vessel Specifications
  • Preliminary Hull Design

The conceptual design process would result in a concept package, with requirement outlines and regulatory compliance review. During this phase of the design, bid packages can be sent to builders.

Design development begins with the detailed design phase, which expands upon the conceptual design and finalizes all of the details necessary in providing a completed design package inclusive of technical drawings, schematics and necessary design documentation.

Detailed Design Includes:

  • Hull Form and Outfitting Design
  • Structural and Mechanical Attributes
  • Stability Analysis

The last design step prior to building is the production engineering phase. This is where we provide all of the details needed for the shipyard to build your vessel.

Production Engineering Services Include:

  • Lofting and Nesting
  • Tooling Design
  • Production Drawings
  • 3D Modeling

Once the design moves to the build stage, we can provide the necessary project management and construction oversight to ensure the yacht or commercial vessel is built to the exact design requirements.

We Include You in Every Step of the Design Process

We believe that marine design is a shared vision. Because of this, we provide a consultative, friendly and flexible process that includes your needs and wants from the very beginning until the very end.

With each step that we take toward the completion of your boat, we ensure that all aspects of the build support the original vessel mission.

We are also very comfortable working with whoever may be involved with the design process including builders, vessel operators, ship superintendents, your crew or other representatives. Our goal is to exceed your expectations by providing insight and solutions that are unmatched within the industry.

For more information regarding Naval Architecture and Design projects or for all other inquiries, please contact Boksa Marine Design at 813-654-9800.