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Production Boats

When builders and manufacturers reach out to Boksa Marine Design to provide design services for their productions boats, they do so because of our consultative nature and our reputation for developing forward thinking solutions.

Production Boat Design Services With our years of experience designing and engineering production boats, we can help create innovative solutions that allow mass-produced boats to look and feel like individually customized designs.

Building productions boats requires meeting expectations of both the builder and the end buyer. We understand the differences crafting a production boat entails. And we understand the subtleties that separate production designs from custom designs.

Understanding the Builder

Unlike custom designs where the relationship with the individual owner drives the initial concept, production designs entail responding to the needs of the market and a desire to set market trends.

We work very closely with each builder to understand their market requirements, processes and their production goals.Production Boat Engineering Services Our goal is to anticipate challenges and provide business solutions to the builder. Our designs meet all regulatory requirements including those of CE, ABYC, ABS, ISO and USCG.

Understanding the Market

Each project also begins with the goal of fully understanding the market for which the boat is intended. And while we won’t know the individual buyers, we focus on merging market analysis with the original vessel mission. We operate with a solutions based approach; trying to determine what designs are best suited for the overall market.

Services for Production Builders:

Naval Architecture and Design Solutions for Production Boat Builders
  • Production Mold Design
  • Tooling Design
  • Cold Molding Design
  • Lamination Engineering
  • 3D Modeling

Owner Spotlight

While at Davis, Nick Boksa held a key leadership position managing hull design, propulsion systems engineering, performance analysis, structural engineering, outfitting and design. His design and engineering expertise led to continued innovations for sport fishing production boats in the 45’ – 70’ range.

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