Shipyard Operations Support

operations and engineering outsource services for shipyards

Helping Shipyards Operate at Their Fullest Potential

Shipyards can operate with more confidence within a highly competitive marketplace knowing that they have a reliable and trusted partner.

A Trusted Partner for Shipyards — And The People Who Run Them

At Boksa Marine Design we work with shipyards around the world to help them better manage their operations. Our support services allow shipyards to operate more efficiently, more economically and provide a deeper level of service to their clients.

Benefits of Working With Us:

  • Access to a full range of design and engineering services
  • Broad depth of experience across numerous vessel designs and construction methods
  • Ability to choose just the individual services required for projects as well as comprehensive, end-to-end partnerships
  • Allows shipyards to maintain a leaner staff, yet still manage peak loads
  • Access to the latest industry software and applications
  • Utilize our expertise with various Regulatory Bodies and Classification Societies

Our Design and Engineering Services Include:

For more information regarding Shipyard Support Services or for all other inquiries, please contact Boksa Marine Design at 813-654-9800.